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  • 1

    How I Create An Irresistible Opt In Offer

    I'll show you how to come up with an irresistible offer for your target audience. It will be so enticing they will want to trade you for far more than just their name and email address!!

  • 2

    What To Give Your New Lead That Will Make It Or Break It

    When someone decides to trust you with their info and request information from you in return for their email address you must take special care in the days immediately following that hard earned initial opt in.

  • 3

    My 'Secret Ingredients' For Driving Qualified Suspects To Your Landing Pages

    The final step to building your list is getting the traffic to your site. You NEED to get eyeballs on your landing page and irresistible offer in order to convert them into email leads. I'll show you my secret for generating the cheapest leads around!

Steve Hofstetter Training

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