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SteveHofstetterMarketingFunnelsBLKFor the last 8 years I have been secretly working behind the scenes with some of the BIGGEST marketing gurus, local marketers, coaches, and consultants building their online marketing funnels.

I decided 2 years ago I would help more small business owners by creating a complete marketing system that took the overwhelm away, provided key support, and eliminated the techie roadblocks.

I've been where you are.. I've been through the ups and downs too! BUT I kept on pushing, gained ton's of experience, and perfected my craft of building high converting marketing funnels for small businesses.

Now I'm sharing this system with anyone that is struggling to generate leads, make new sales, and create the life they have dreamed for.

If you're okay with staying on the same path of frustration, the continual struggle to keep "current" to all that "techie stuff", and hope that sales next week will be better than the last week... and if you're not willing to put the work in to change your life.. then this probably isn't the place for you.

If you are ready to take massive action, commit to changing your processes, and trust in my system.. then I encourage you to continue down this page.

Double Your New Sales in Less Than 8 Weeks Using Our Proven Marketing Funnel Systems


Marketing Funnel

We've included everything you need to create a thriving business: Expert Training/ Coaching, Industry Leading Marketing Automation Software & a Top Notch Support Team!

Tier 1


A complete roadmap to show you everything from how to setup a new WordPress website, SEO, landing pages, sales pages, email copy writing, eCommerce solutions, marketing funnels designs, and Facebook advertising that works.

Tier 2


Automate your marketing using our advance marketing automation software system. Using behavioral data about your contacts you can the right message to the right person at the right time. Send newsletters, design beautiful email templates, and nurture leads. Create simple or complex automation funnels to guide your prospects to the sale. Create opt in forms to convert your cold traffic into buyers.

Tier 3


With coaching at your own pace you’ll be able to make training and software work for you. Get access to our live daily training sessions, open office hours to ask specific questions, and unlimited technical support as well as strategical support.

Steve knows his way around automated marketing funnels better than most anyone in the industry and is my go-to guy for list building strategies and sales campaigns. My success has definitely increased thanks to Steve’s support!

Amy Porterfield
Amy Porterfield

The process working with Steve was absolutely seamless! He has an uncanny ability to take the vision of his customers and turn it into reality. I couldn't be happier with my sales funnel to sell my new product. It goes without saying, Steve is one of the pro's. If you are looking to build a profitable sales/marketing funnel, you need to contact Steve today.

Anthony Balduzzi
Anthony Balduzzi Halftime Fit

Meet The Creator

Steve has helped thousands of businesses build out marketing automation funnels to sell all sorts of products, services, and software. He is an expert at taking existing web traffic and turning it into hot, ready-to-buy, sales leads through total automation system build outs.



Here is a taste of what you'll be learning in the 8 Week Roadmap. There are
3 main "chunks"... Core Training, Strategic Funnels, and Driving Traffic.

Module 1: Core Training

  • Foundation & Planning - Let's set your foundation for learning and plan out your marketing funnel attack!
  • Setup & Your Website - Optimize your current site or walk through how to build a totally new site.
  • Traffic Getting Strategies - Optimize your site for search engines and track via analytic reports.
  • List Building - The money is in the list... We teach you how to successfully turn eyeballs on your site into email on your list..
  • Nurture and Build Value - You must position yourself as the expert and build trust before you ask for money.
  • Convert Browsers To Buyers - Turn browsers into buyers with a laser focused sales strategy.
  • WOW Your New Customers - Fulfill on time, then provide additional value that delight customers.
  • Automated Referrals - Encourage referrals from your satisfied customers on auto-pilot.

Module 2: Strategic Funnels

  • Pre-Built One Click Install Funnels - All our strategic funnels are pre-built and ready for point and click install into your new software suite for immediate use.
  • 2 Step Lead Capture Funnel - Ask for the minimum amount to create the least resistance then get more on the second step.
  • Automated Appointment Setting Funnel - Learn how to automate your appointment setting, followup, and appointment reminders to save precious time.
  • Video Series Lead Gen and Delivery Funnel - Instead of using an ebook as your lead magnet... Use some free video training. This is how you set it up.
  • Evergreen Webinar Sales Funnel - Create your own perpetual webinar. Create a webinar recording just once and setup it up to appear to be LIVE for registrants.
  • LIVE Weekly Webinar Funnel - Here I show you how to automate a Weekly Live Webinar Funnel in your business using two pieces of software.
  • Plus many more!!

Module 3: Driving Traffic

  • The Business Of Facebook Ads - There are ALOT of people using Facebook ads to drive their leads and there is a good reason why...
  • Guide To Creating Your Ads - Learn step by step how to setup and manage your Facebook Ads account.
  • Targeting Your Ideal Audience - Making sure your ads are showing to the correct people is key to getting the best leads which make selling those leads even easier as they go through your funnel.
  • Pricing and Tweaking - Always checking in and making sure your ad copy, images, and CTA's are working is key to keeping your ad performance high.
  • How To Use Facebook PowerEditor - Mastering the use of the Facebook PowerEditor is key to getting the most out of your advertising budget.
  • Mastering Custom Audiences - Creating custom audiences is one thing but using this awesome tool opens up a whole new way to fill the holes in your funnel.


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Grow your business with our all-in-one marketing platform by using our seamless
marketing automation, automated email followup, and sales pipeline automation.

The Most powerful sales and
software for small businesses.

Complete Adaptive Content

Use conditional content to send smarter emails to your leads to ensure you are speaking directly to audience.

Adapt your messages to each contact’s demographics, interaction history, or web page visits for truly personalized messages.

Real-Time Funnel Stats

Use real-time data activity streams to take educated and actionable steps to improve your marketing funnels, sales conversions, and lead generation.

By using the data you will be able to measure your marketing efforts, make tweaks, and effectively increase your revenue.

Smart Automated Funnels

Countless options for what you can automate within each of your marketing funnels.

Update data, initiate campaigns, add branches, add conditions, wait for certain things to happen, start or nurture sales processes, etc.

Setup Custom Sales Funnels

Craft your own sales pipeline combining automated and manual touches to provide the best sales experience possible while saving your sales team's time.

Use intelligent behavior based logic to nurture leads and send followup communication.

Have your sales team reach out manually when the contact is ready.

Manage & Grow Your Contacts

Spend less time keeping up with your contacts actions and needs.

Manage your existing and future contacts with ease.

With powerful searching and filtering options you can drill down to specific groups of contacts and view the entire history of a specific contact.


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We Provide The Framework For Small Business Success

Our software, services, and educational coaching help small businesses get organized, grow sales and save time. By combining effective coaching, killer customer service and cutting edge marketing tools in one system, we help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.



The award-winning Coaching & Support team at Marketing Funnel Academy
gives all customers direct access to our team of specially trained experts.

We're here to help you achieve your goals

Other Resources Included When You Enroll Today!

  • Regular Updates

    Our coaching and software are updated to stay current.

  • Wonderful Team

    Super talented team that’s only goal is your success.

  • Great Community

    Meet to like minded entrepreneurs just like you.

  • Phone Support

    Not just support… We are talented funnel coaches!

  • Mobile Friendly

    Both our software and coaching programs are mobile.

  • Knowledge Base

    Tons of video training and copy to help you “Get It”

  • Lighting Speed

    Hosted on the fastest servers with light speed load time.

  • 100% Top Rated

    Top rated experts are here to train you on what WORKS!

... And These Too!!



  • Marketing Funnel Academy Training Program

    You will get FULL access to our training academy that contains 3 main focuses to start: Core Training, Funnel Training, and Facebook Advertising. We show you step by step what and how to setup a proven marketing funnel that actually WORKS for you, provides a stable flow of leads, and is gives you the ability to focus on other parts of you business.

  • Free Quickstart Getting Started Onboarding Call

    As soon as you sign up for a new account with us you will be directed to the calendar to book an on-boarding call out to help you get things cranking, answer any questions you may have, and to give you detailed info on our done for you funnel building services.

  • Automated Email Marketing Software Suite

    Full access to our marketing funnel builder software. You can build your own marketing funnel campaigns, automated smart marketing funnels, lead capture forms, list segmentation, industry leading email deliverability, tracking and reporting and more!

    This is the behind that scene tool that works while you sleep.

  • Marketing Funnel Training Webinars

    Full access to join our daily marketing funnel training webinars. You will get to sit in with one of our experts and learn all the aspects of building a successful marketing funnel.

    We hold these live training webinars daily and we open it up to attendees for live Q & A.

  • Weekly Open Office Hours

    Here’s how it works. We take question after question to get you insight that will help you shift your results.

    We prefer you to have questions handy prior to signing on. Then just ask away, sit back, and listen. A lot of the time you will get answers that help you from others as well.

  • Instantly Install Landing Pages

    We have already pre-templated out landing pages, sales pages, and more that you can install with a couple of clicks. Have your own landing pages, sales pages, and other pages up and running with in just a few minutes of getting things started.

    This is a HUGE resource to anyone that has access.

  • Top Notch Support

    Right from the start you will see that our support team of coaches and consultants are here FOR YOU. We wouldn’t be able to feed our families if it weren’t for the great customers we have.

    You are the life blood of our business and appreciate you. Our goal is to help you make your business a success and that take AWESOME support from a team that is on your side.

  • Ability To Have Us Build Your Funnels

    Though this is not a required service we like to have it available for our clients to choose. We provide a full range of one-on-one coaching and done for you custom funnel build outs. Some people prefer to have someone do the busy work for some projects or just like to “have it done” and we get that.

    You can learn more about these services while on your trial by logging into your account, asking your consultant, or inquiring through one of our support portals.


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Endorsed By Leading Experts





Here's What To Do Next...

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Steve Hofstetter

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Oh, and if for some crazy reason you don't love the training, the software or our support team - I'll cancel your account and even refund your $1.. If you like it but decide to cancel down the road.. There are NO contracts.. Simply send us a message prior to your next billing date and you will not be charged again. There's ZERO risk!

Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for!?! Let me know what subscription plan is the best for you!

What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying...

Kristian C. - R.E. Expert

Alexis Fedor - Helps Artists

Steve knows his way around automated marketing funnels better than most anyone in the industry and is my go-to guy for list building strategies and sales campaigns. My success has definitely increased thanks to Steve’s support!

Amy Porterfield
Amy Porterfield

Steve thank you for the *amazing* service. I never expected such a quick learning curve, and such a 'highly polished' training area. As you know, I'm already recommending you guys to everyone I know and that was based on your previous course – this new stuff takes it to another level! -Thanks again

Ed Rivis
Ed Rivis

Hydie - Business Consultant

James L. - eCommerce Consultant

The process working with Steve was absolutely seamless! He has an uncanny ability to take the vision of his customers and turn it into reality. I couldn't be happier with my sales funnel to sell my new product. It goes without saying, Steve is one of the pro's. If you are looking to build a profitable sales/marketing funnel, you need to contact Steve today.

Anthony Balduzzi
Anthony Balduzzi Halftime Fit

I've been working with Marketing Funnel Academy for my online business needs. I know they aim to be the marketing funnel training that you can't live without and let me tell you - it is true! Thanks Steve!

Gina Axelson
Gina Axelson The Pilates Biz

Enroll Annually ONCE, Save 83%, & Get These Awesome Bonuses!

Limited Annual LIFETIME Enrollment Bonuses

The following bonuses are available only to new students that enroll in the annual lifetime - one time payment option. There are no long-term contracts. You have access FOR LIFE and will NEVER be billed again, ever.

Annual LIFETIME Enrollment Bonus #1

Weekly Coaching Master Classes

Join us every Tuesday of the week where I will walk through a specific marketing topic in great detail. We will be on LIVE for each of these screen share training sessions so you will be able to get any questions answered in real time. Use our team to the fullest to get the quickest and most profitable results possible.

Whether you are looking to grow your list, learn how to create an effective landing page, how to followup and nurture your leads, or get full blown marketing funnel help from start to finish.. these classes will help you get there, quicker.

  • Funnel Strategy and Planning Mind Mapping - Learn how we plan, strategize, and put together our funnels from start to finish.
  • List Building and Landing Pages - The money is in the list (IT'S TRUE)... But you have to know how to extract it or you just have a bunch of email addresses that aren't making you any money. Learn how to successfully turn eyeballs into emails then into profits.
  • Nurturing & Creating Value - Once you master generating new email leads you need to stay in front of those leads. If you don't continue to send out to those people who requeste info from you they will drift away and forget about you.. The you can guess what happens next.. They buy from your competitor!
  • And much more!!
Get LIFETIME Access Today!

Annual LIFETIME Enrollment Bonus #2

Online Mini Class Training

Our "mini-class" training section contains a whole slew of other important business related materials to help you grow your business from all aspects. In addition to every the main academy contains you will get more specific "off topic" training sessions.All of these mini classes cover real world training that you can apply directly into your business. My team or myself only add mini class training's on tool and techniques we have used successfully in our own business or our close done for you funnel build out clients.

  • 6 Six Pillars To Selling - Six short videos that walk you through selling and closing over the phone. We will show you each of the basic transitions from start to close over the phone.
  • Webinar Case Study Funnel - In this class I will break down each step of a successful webinar sales funnel, provide email copy swipe, landing page copy, and much more!
  • Free Image Resizing Tool - Get a walk through of our favorite image re-sizing tool for easy tweaks to graphics for you website or your Facebook ads with out breaking the bank on expensive and time consuming editing software.
  • My Favorite Time Tracking Tool - This is perfect of service consultants and coaches who work by the hour. Use this tool to completely track all of your hours and print off need pdf spread sheets as invoices.
  • And much more...
Get LIFETIME Access Today!

Annual LIFETIME Enrollment Bonus #3

Business Tracking Downloads

It's great to have everything running and built out so that you are getting leads and sales. But as time goes on and data start to compile you need to be taking your businesses "PULSE" monthly, weekly, and even daily so that you can have a visual on what is working and what is not.

Use these pre-designed spread sheets to track everything that is going on in your business. Track your leads, expenses, and profit daily so you know where your money is going and what is making you money and what is not making you money.

  • Weekly Goal Setting Sheet - Every week you should have your goals and objectives planned out to ensure you stay on track and keep progressing the growth of your business and marketing.
  • Expense Report Tracking - You MUST know where youre money is going. We get so caught up making new money we forget to track what is going out. Do this one thing for the first time could literally save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in expenses.
  • Profit & Loss Template - Tracking your profits is fun and tracking your losses is not as much fun BUT you will feel great as the month winds down when you know exactly what came in and what went out. Keeping a firm grip on your business finances will create the foundation for growth, organization, and confidence to make solid decissions going forward.
Get LIFETIME Access Today!

Annual LIFETIME Enrollment Bonus #4

Premium Affiliate Program Access

This one bonus access could make your $194 investment back with one email blast or Facebook post. Earn $50 per annual sale you refer over our way. It's that simple. Send someone through your unique tracking link and when they buy you earn cash.

We pay out every month as long as the amount owed is over 100 bucks (which only takes to sales). Once you put your link out there and they click through and opt into our marketing funnel we do all the work to bring them on as a new member. You just sit back and watch the commissions pile up... and that can happen VERY FAST if you have a following or email list already.

  • Add To Your Monthly Revenue - Once you earn back your initial investment with us you will basically be making pure profit on any future referral. Build in an email to your autoresponder and just automate the commissions!
  • Personal Hand Off - If you have a personal relationship with someone that you think would be a great fit for our marketing program.. Just introduce us in an email or call and we will take it from there. It's a much more effective and intimate way to earn commissions.
  • Custom Link Tracking - Use one simple tracking link that you will get access to after you sign up today and send an email out to your leads or post on Facebook that they should join our free webinar funnel training.. We will do the rest. It doesn't get much easier than this.
Get LIFETIME Access Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the $1 trial limit my access to anything?

You have FULL access to EVERYTHING a regular client would have except you will not be able to import more than 100 contacts to your application until you are fully on-board.

Am I locked into a contract?

There are no long-term contracts. As long as you cancel prior to the next monthly billing cycle you are free to leave us to continue your entrepreneurial journey.

Are there any mandatory setup fees?

There are no mandatory setup fees or secret hidden charges with any of our services. We do offer paid services and done-for-you packages but the cost is upfront and you can decide to use these services at your own free will.

What happens after I sign up for the trial?

You will get FULL access to our Marketing Funnel Academy, Live Coaching Sessions, Support, and Full Access to your Marketing Funnel Automation Software Account. You will also be in contact with your personal new client on-boarding coach to ensure you get the most out of your new membership.

Steve knows his way around automated marketing funnels better than most anyone in the industry and is my go-to guy for list building strategies and sales campaigns. My success has definitely increased thanks to Steve’s support!

Amy Porterfield
Amy Porterfield

Who is Marketing Funnel Academy for?

Marketing Funnel Academy is perfect for small to medium sized businesses, coaches, consultants, service providers, people who sell products online or offline, brick and mortar businesses, real-estate professionals and any type of entrepreneur who wants to explode their business using marketing automation tools and strategies.

We provide you with the opportunity to increase your revenue and at the same time increase your time freedom.

Do you have other services that can help me get things going faster?

Marketing Funnel Academy has two additional services... Jumpstart and Kickstart. With the Jumpstart package, you'll be on your way to sales & marketing success in no time!

Get all the details once you're inside the Academy.