For Coaches, Consultants, Experts

(and now... Network Marketers!)

If you’d rather have me stuff you into an empty pillow case, helicopter you over my head, then launch you into a brick wall… than:

✓ Polish your pitch
✓ Figure out FB ads
✓ Come up with copy
✓ Write witty emails
✓ Do sales calls
✓ Set up software
✓ Tinker with tools
✓ Test, track, tweak

And so on and so forth?

Don’t worry.  We gotcha.

Hey, it’s Steve Hofstetter.

We do done-for-you funnels.


Everything you need to get Patty Prospect hoppin’ on the calendar.

Wanting to work with you.

Expecting a fee of $1k, $3k, even $5k or more.

Ready to pull the trigger.

Even though, just yesterday, she’d never heard of you.

And all this happened in the background.

While you were getting wine-drunk with neighbors you don’t even like all that much.

(But hey, Susie’s shrimp scampi dip is not a game.  So I’m glad ya went.)


It gets better.

You didn’t need to touch a line of code.

Or integrate your email provider with ClickFunnels.

Or embed a stupid ScheduleOnce calendar.

Or buy another friggin’ Facebook ads course.

Or spend days writing emails.

Or, heck, even find and train a salesperson.

Nope, we did it all for ya.

Leaving you one task, and one task only:

Spoil your clients.

That’s it.

Can ya handle that?

(Thought so.)

So again:

Assuming you’re a coach, consultant, expert, or agency.

Selling something for $1k or more.

Or wanting to.

AND you’re not broke.

(This ain’t a charity, aiiight?)

AND you’re cool with me emailing you a case study?

Then, please, proceed: