“We Help Network Marketers Love Life”

Dear Network Marketer,

If you’d rather eat your own eyeballs than:

✓ Answer: “Who do you know?”
✓ Sell exclusively to friends & fam
✓ Host home parties
✓ Do 3-way calls
✓ Approach well-dressed strangers
✓ Attend awkward networking events
✓ Create content
✓ Spam social media

And so on and so forth?

Don’t worry. We gotcha.

Hey, it’s Steve Hofstetter.

We do done-for-you funnels… for network marketers.

What’s that? Right?


It’s techie and geeky, but basically?

You… Netflix and chill.

While we… send white hot leads… straight to your inbox.

Every. Friggin’. Day.

As many as you can handle.

All begging to work with you.

And you simply call ‘em back and sign ‘em up.

I’m serious.

And yes, it works for anyone.

Any company.

Any rank.

Here’s the catch:

We obviously charge for this luxury lead-getting service.

And… it ain’t cheap.

But it’s worth every penny.

And I’ll prove it.


I’ll tell you:

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Watch each video carefully.

And, by the end, I know you’ll be a believer.

Cool? Cool.

I’ll leave you to it then:

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