For Coaches, Consultants, And Experts Who’re “Over It”...

If you’d rather be zipped up in a sleeping bag and swung against a tree than:

✓ Create a webinar
✓ Polish your pitch
✓ Figure out Facebook ads
✓ Come up with copy
✓ Write emails
✓ Do sales calls
✓ Set up software
✓ Tinker with tools
✓ Test, track, tweak

Let alone, try to tie it all together and make it work?

Don’t worry. We gotcha.

Hey, it’s Steve Hofstetter.

I started Marketing Funnel Academy to help premium providers, like yourself, put down the tech… and pick up the check.

How, you ask?

By building custom, done-for-you marketing funnels.

That put on overalls and shovel shit all day — so you don’t have to.

Just imagine.

Patty Prospect hopping on the calendar.

Excited to be sold to.

Expecting a fee of $2k, $5k, even $10k or more.

Ready to pull the trigger.

Even though, just yesterday, she’d never heard of you before.

And all of this happened, in the background.

While you were getting wine-drunk with neighbors you don’t even like all that much.

(But hey, Susie’s shrimp scampi dip is not a game. So I’m glad ya went.)

Better yet?

You didn’t hafta touch a line of code.

Or compare and contrast webinar services.

Or search the Help Center for how to integrate your email provider with ClickFunnels.

Or embed a stupid ScheduleOnce calendar.

Or buy another gotdamn Facebook ads course.

Or think up clever copy of your own.

Or learn how to segment subscribers and send followups based on behavior.

Or, hell, even find and train a salesperson.

So that, all you gotta do?

Is spoil your clients.

How’s that sound?


If so, you should opt-in below.

But again.

Only if you’re a coach, consultant, or expert.

Selling something for $2k or more.

Or wanting to.

(It’s okay if you haven’t launched yet.)


If you’re a blogger, affiliate marketer, network marketer, e-commerce person, or local business owner?

There’s no sense in subscribing.

Love ya. Just can't help ya.

Also, if you’re broke?

Sit this one out. Cuz we're far from cheap.


If so...

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