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Quick note:

Looks like you are a Network Marketer. Awesome!

This training is geared toward those who want to make their own main marketing video.

We only recommend recording your own if you have experience on camera.

Main Video Pitch

Main Video Script Outline [Simple Version #1]

"Hey there, what's up? Thank you so much for your interest in my ad and I hope it really resonated with you. My guess is that you are looking to lose to the 9-5, maybe replace some income, pay some stuff off, or just become your own boss then this is something you probably going to want pay close attention to....

Hi, my name is (your name) and I help people just like you create freedom in their life by creating extra revenue from my proven system that I would love to tell you all about in a bit more detail on a quick call.

So stop defending your excuses for youself and take some action and fight for the life you DESERVE!

Click the button below, request a quick call with me, and I'll explain how this works in more detail.

You don't need to be good at sales, you don't need to spend a bunch of cash to get started, I won't be "hard selling" you on anything.

I'll ask you a few questions, you can ask me a few questions, and if by the end you're still excited... I will tell you what the next steps are.

First thing to do is, click the button below, request a call with me and I'll reach out.

Talk soon!"


Main Video Script Outline [Full Emotion Version #2]

Use this script if you are more confident or want to tug on the emotion strings a bit harder in your video. Either one will work. [Click Here To Download]

To be effective you'll want to:

Be confident and energetic in your presentation - you want to be passionate about what you do. People want to work with people who live and breathe what they do.

Have a conversational, friendly tone (when you present, pretend like you're talking to a close friend that could really use your product/service).

Your body language comes off as comfortable, genuine, and natural. Just be yourself! You're not going for a golden globe, you're not expected to be perfect. And honestly, even if they do expect you to be perfect are they the kind of people you want to work with anyway? (Hint: they're not.)

You'll want to make sure you have good lighting - set up your camera in front of a window and face the window during the day for great natural light.

Try to avoid empty rooms or tiled rooms - the sound waves will bounce all over the place and the quality of your video will be reduced.

For best audio (if you already have the resource) use an external mic. If you're using your phone you can use ear buds, if you're using a webcam you can use a usb mic, if you're using a dslr you can use an aux lapel mic.

Make sure there's not a lot of distracting background noise if you're recording in public.
Really, just be as natural as possible. Your life isn't on the line, this isn't make-or-break, it's just a quick video and the goal here is to demonstrate how cool it is to work with you and that you're legit. That's all. Don't stress out over the video, the more you practice the better you'll be and the more comfortable you'll become.

Remember to push them at the end to "click the button and request a call with me."


Upload these videos to Vimeo or Wistia for hosting.

If you would like us to swap your own personal video with ours you can submit a ticket below: