Software Tools We Need

  1. ClickFunnels Account Access ($97/mo plan)
  2. ActiveCampaign ($9/mo 500 contacts Lite Plan) (Att. network marketers - DO NOT Mention you are in an MLM or Network Marketing. Tell them you are a business coach.)
  3. ScheduleOnce ($19/mo Professional plan) (OPTIONAL)

If you do not want to have people book out on your calendar we will make a page, in leu of the calendar, that has a short form/questionnaire for your lead to submit.

You will get the notice immediately into your email inbox with their information.

You will then call them back, create a relationship, and bring them on to your team.

When you book your Project Launch Call we will ask which version you prefer us to build out. You can always switch later on too.

Here is quick visual on the difference between these two options: