Read this, over and over and over again...

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Watch this coaching call that focused heavy on closing:

Record, Track, & Study Your Sales Calls

This is no joke!!


Some will not go well... Some will go great.

You can learn massive things from listening to your own calls and to your sales rep calls. Both the good calls and the bad calls will teach you what to change or where you "lost them".

Make sure you do this and make it a part of process for every call until you are closing 1 out of 4/5 calls.

How do we record calls?

There are a number of apps out there but we prefer to use another device (old iPhone, iPad, etc..) and install the app called "VoiceRecorder".

As soon as you're done with your call you can directly upload it to a folder in DropBox for download or later studying.

Listen to it back and take notes on common objection, flow of the call, and keep track of where you think you may lose their attention during the sales call.

Click here to download our Sales Conversation DPF.

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