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Retargeting Rebel

Get ready to add another layer to your marketing by starting your own retargeting ad campaign to follow your leads online until they buy or die.

In this training I'm going to give you the ad copy to use and step-by-step guide on installation.

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1. Prep Your Ad Copy and Creative

Download one of the two files (they are the same inside). Then also download the "Happy Shield" to your computer for use in your ad setup on Facebook.

Once you have the ad copy file open on your computer make sure to replace the two URLs in the body with YOUR url... It should look very similar to the demo links.

If you're not sure of your links you can reference your shared google doc we sent you during delivery of your project OR just ask support to find it for you.

Download Ad Copy (.rtf file)


Download Ad Copy (.docx file)

Ad image

Right Click image, then click "Save Image As"

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2. Setup Your Custom Audiences

Since we are only showing this ad to a very specific audience we need to tell Facebook WHO to show it to and not show it to. This is done pretty easily by using 2 custom audiences... Let's set those up now.

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3. Setup Your Ad Campaign

Follow each step to the "T" and don't skip ahead. I'm going to walk through each step very specifically for you so you can simply "look over my shoulder".

-Campaign Setup at 0:13
-Ad Set (targeting/budget) at 1:04
-Ad Creative at 3:51