Collecting Payments and E-Sign Agreements

We use 3 different tools to complete these tasks on the sales and admin side of things for our business. I'd like to share those tools and processes with you so you can mimic them in your business.

Billing and Payments

For running payments and collecting over the phone there are two tools that we use:

Stripe (used to actually charge and run the card)

PayFunnels (used as the front end check out page for payment and billing info)

First, go get a stripe account, it's pretty quick and easy and it's free. You MUST have a tax ID, business name, and business checking ready to go.

Second, go snag a PayFunnels account. Last I checked it was $10/mo to use. This is the most handiest tool we use for collected payments and making quick payment links for you or your sales reps to use. Once you get in there it will sync with your Stripe account and all payment plans, thank you pages, notices, etc. can be managed from PayFunnels.

Digital Agreements

We like to use DocuSign for our digital agreements and legal binding signatures. DocuSign is the easiest to use but it is also a bit on the pricier side versus other options like HelloSign.

The steps we take for setting up a new DocuSign account are as follows:

1 - Create your agreement in Word or PDF editor exactly how you want it.
2 - Leave a couple spaces for payments details, signature, and date on the doc.
3 - Then create a 'Template' inside of DocuSign to speed up the process of creating and sending a new agreement out when a sale is made.

Once you go through this process. Practice using your template and send it a few times to yourself to test to see what the client will see. Make some tweaks as needed and when you go it looking real nice, you should be good to go!

Below is a sample agreement you can use to replace with your own business details to give you a head start on getting this part of your business up and going:

Download a sample agreement doc (might need to right click then 'save-as'):
Word Version
PDF Version