Funnel FAQ's

What do I add to my new Fan Page on Facebook? +

If you created a brand new Fan Page on Facebook to run your paid ads under make sure to do these THREE things before you start running your ads:

  1. Add a profile image
  2. Add a cover photo image
  3. Add 1 post and "Pin" it to the top

Make the post copy say this:

"We won’t be updating this page, but you can learn more about creating your own “side hustle”... by entering your email here:

Then check your inbox for a short video that breaks it all down."

Here's an example layout you can mimic (with your own images):

Adding financial and income filters to your ad copy to create higher quality leads. +

Adding filters to your Facebook Ad copy is probably the most effective way of increasing the financial quality of your leads.

When you are copy that gets people to "self screen" from your ad you will naturally drive more people away which will increase your cost per lead... BUT, at the same time, you will increase the quality of lead that DOES meet the "filters" or "screening" criteria.

Weave in these lines to your ad copy and re-launch to see how it effects the quality of lead you speak with. Nothing is 100% and you WILL still get people coming in that do not read or just flat do not care what you say and still want to come through the funnel - nothing you can do about that.

With that said... Here they are:

"It’s for YOU...
if you’re a big-thinker.
And you’d be fun to work with.
AND… you have a budget.
See, that’s called “the catch.”
That’s why this is NOT too good to be true."

"PS, if you're not willing to invest in yourself - this is not for you."

"PS, you must have a budget for this start. Nothing crazy. But some cash set aside to invest."

"PS, this isn't for you if you're pay check-to paycheck."

"PS, after you click and watch the video AND you like what you see... I'm going to try to sell you ;-)"

"PS, there is one "catch" - this isn't free. I'm not saying it will break-the-bank, but I'm no charity, either. ;-)"

Im getting high no shows, what can I do? +

These are my two best tricks if you are getting people not showing up for your scheduled call:

  1. Text them immediately. As soon as you get that notification of a new call booking on your calendar text them that you are excited to speak with them and tell them to add your number to their phone now... so they know it’s you when you call.
    Demo text script: "Hi there, I just saw that you requested a quick call with me about helping you xyxyxxy 🙂 What time is good for you today? -yourname)”
  2. Find them on Facebook (via phone or email) and send a Private Message similar to the text message script above.
  3. If you have time to talk right at that moment then just ask them if they do too. The text message can sound like you just got freed up with a cancellation, have time right now, and would love to speak to them now.
Making the most of your ad engagement, comments, and shares. +

Reply back to commenter and let them know you private messaged them.
Private message them and start a conversation.
Ask them questions.
Engage with them and get them interested enough to want to get on a quick call to learn more.

Prequalifying questions:
- What exactly got you excited about my ad on Facebook?
- What do you do for your main source of income or job now?
- Do you have kids?
- Have you ever tried any other ways to make extra spending cash?

HIDE negative comments. (poster will think it’s still there but no one else will see it)

Delete/BAN trolls on ad.

Keep ad super positive and CLEAN for future eyeballs that see ad.

Disabled Facebook Ads account? +

(Make sure you are logged into your Facebook ads account before clicking below.)

Appeal A Disabled Ad Account:

Where To Check Ticket Status:

What to say in your Disabled Ads Account Appeal:
"I believe your algorithm mistakenly disabled this account.

This ad account does not violate any Facebook TOS as it makes NO False Statements or Deceptive Claims, has NO Profanity and contains NO Ethnic or Racial Profiling.

Please have a human review the ad account and reactivate as soon as possible.

Thank you!"