Your Offer
(For those selling over the phone.)

Your CORE OFFER is where the "guts" of the training reside. A standard format for this is to structure your course into "Modules" and "Lessons" to keep it easy to follow along with.

Suggested Course Structure Formats:

8 Week Training/Coaching Program
Each week is a new core topic or module. Inside of each of those modules are 3-8 lessons that teach your students step by step.

90 Day Training/Coaching Program
Similar to the above but even though you can deliver all the training at once, your students will get access to you or your team for support for 90 days. This is a common time frame for coaching programs.

Annual Access
Giving them access for a full year really makes the lead feel confident that you will be there to help them and that you are here for the long haul. It can still be an 8 week program but you position it as you still be there for the other 10 months on their team helping.

Program Value Adders

Adding MORE Value To Your Training (= ability to charge higher fees)

1 on 1 "Kick Off Call"
This is the special call you give your new clients to welcome them, reset their expectations, and get them pumped for your program.

Weekly Group Coaching
Invite all of your clients to join you on a group coaching call or screen-share meeting where you can train and teach everyone your program at once. This will save you TONS of time and allow everyone to learn together.

Weekly Group Open Office Hours / Q&A
Along with group coaching you can offer "Open Office Hours" strictly created for questions and answers sessions. Simply open it up and take one person at a time on and work through their road blocks or questions in a group setting.

Unlimited Email or Chat Support
When your clients or students have quick questions that can't wait until the next live session it is a great idea to have another avenue to get their questions answered quickly. When you see a trend in questions you can add these Q & A's to a page on your site to direct people to.

Private Facebook Group
Great way to allow your students to engage amongst themselves. Be careful that you don't have too little of a customer base before you launch this. If you offer a private FB Group with not enough users there will be no interaction and it could reflect poorly on your program and actually decrease the "perceived value".

ONE Offer Only

You do NOT want to create multiple product offerings when selling over the phone.

Create ONE killer offer and set the price.

The only thing you should be figuring out with the leads on the phone is what pricing plan works for them to get started. You SHOULD NOT be figuring out what version of your program is best for them. There should be only ONE.

Creating multiple program "levels" and pricing will convolute the sales process, make it more difficult to sell (which is opposite to popular belief), and make it harder to get to the money quicker.

If you have other programs to offer your clients you should ONLY offer those other options up AFTER they become a client on the main offer. Use those programs as up-sells to your existing buyers of your core program offering.

Finding Your Ideal Price Point

If this is a brand new offer and you have never sold it before but are confident that people want and need it, then I suggest you always start at a lower price than what you truly believe it is worth.

This will help you get your first initial deals in quicker, enable you to feel super confident on the phone for the first few sales, and allow you to build some momentum with sales and fulfillment.

After you start to feel very confident selling at this initial price... simply start asking for MORE money. It's that easy. You will eventually come to a point where you will feel that the price is just too high to close at a consistent percentage so then you can go back down a little bit and find the PERFECT price.

The perfect price will be where most of your calls are simply deciding either where to find the money to pay you OR which card to put it on.

When majority of calls do not blink an eye on the price and tell you they want in... you know you are on the correct track.

Pay Plans and Fast Action

Once you have honed in on your ONE OFFER you need to create a "core price" that you start with on your sales calls.

Let's say your core price point is $6k. You will then base your offer pricing around this core price point.

We like to use discount incentives for fast action. Getting your leads to make decisions quicker will free up a TON of follow time, massively lower lost deals, and increase cash flow.

If you are a service business where you or your team puts one on one time into your offering than I would suggest not going higher than a 2 or 3 payment option.

If you are a completely hands off coaching program than you can go for more quantity of buyers and make the pricing more desirable by spreading it out over a longer period of time.

Pricing structure example based off of a $6k Core Price Point:

Full Payment Pricing:

(Core Price after the 24 hours time)
$6k anytime standard price.

(24 Hour Decision)
$5k if you make a decision to get started with-in 24 hours of this call.

(Fast Action Decision)
$4k if you make payment over the phone before we hang up.

Payment Plan Options:

(2 Pay) $3k Today and $3k in 30 days.
(3 Pay) $2,100 Today then 2 more payments of $2,100 every 30 days.
(6 Pay) $1,250 Today then 5 more payments of $1,250 every 30 days.

Remember, you do not want to push these payment plans up front. Keep these in your pocket for clients who truly want your offer but simply can swing a full payment. You will be charging a higher finance fee but that is because you carry the risk of not getting paid but still providing your service or training.