Video Recording Tips and Examples

Recording your first video or speaking on camera is a pretty foreign thing for most people. Most important thing to remember is to just BE YOURSELF. Being genuine will make up for any lack of on camera experience! Promise.

Tips For Simple But Solid Videos:

There are many different types of cameras and tools you can buy and use but remember the audio, lighting, and your actual message are the the most important of any video you create.

I (Steve) use my IphoneX for 99% of all my recent videos.


It's quick, high quality, sound is good, and I can instantly transfer to my MacBookPro for edits and upload to my video host (Vimeo).

The KEY things to remember to have in place are as follows:


Visually, lighting is the most important factor in creating a great looking video from your phone or any camera.

Second, AUDIO.

When recording from your phone or a DSLR camera or even a GoPro... you must be aware of background noises before you start recording. Things like: Wind, construction, road noice, water, pretty much anything that will distract the listener from you message is bad. Wait or move som

Example Videos and Ideas:

There are a ton of different ways to record your video such as indoors, at the office, outside, in your garage, or even in your car. Be aware of your own "vibe" and what works for you. Also, be aware of what makes YOU confident and comfortable recording so it doesn't come out forced or insecure. The viewers need to connect, trust, and vibe with you so make sure your surroundings fit.

Below are a few examples in many different environments, lighting, both holding the camera and on a tripod.

Take what you want from these and use them as ideas for when you're ready to make a video for yourself:
(Outside walking around in shopping center. Holding iPhoneX with hand.)
(In my garage with iPhoneX on flexible tripod on workbench.)
(Out in my front courtyard in middle of day time in the sun holding iPhoneX in hand.)
(In my car with sun purposely pointing through windshield for good lighting. Holding iPhoneX in hand.)
(At my office with sun pointing at window and me facing that window. iPhoneX sitting on desk with flexible tripod.)

I use a flexible tripod for cell phones. Here are a ton of similar ones if you need to order one for yourself. I highly recommend the flexible cell phone tripods.