Your Facebook Ads Homework

The training below will show you how to successfully launch your own Facebook ad if you want to jump ahead of our next group Facebook ad launch day.

Please use the training below and go step-by-step to prep your account for our group launch call. It will help you understand where things are at, how it all comes together, and speed up the group call to ensure you have everything setup properly before hitting "Publish" on your ad.

This training is for those who have all of their deliverables back from project build out including: Completed funnel pages, emails setup, lead capture forms done, calendar or call back request form done, and ad copy created. If you do not have all of these back yet from your project builder please hang tight on this part of the process.

Business Manager

Step-by-step instructions on how to create, setup, and use your Facebook Business Manager and then how to create/link your ads account and fan page. Skip to this lesson.

Facebook Pixel

Learn where to find, create, and copy your own Facebook pixel code so that you can send it to your project manager. Skip to this lesson.

Custom Conversions

How to set-up and use custom conversion for your leads and call bookings so that you can easily track your stats and allow Facebook to optimize your ads. Skip to this lesson.

Ad Creation Overview

Step-by-step walk through so you can launch your Facebook ad using our methods and deliverables. Once you have been delivered your project, funnel, and ad copy sheet please go through this training while you're logged into your ads account. When you are finished please get with your funnel expert to review and go live together. Skip to this lesson.