* Note about this training:

Please follow along with this homework as it is KEY to you understanding how to launch and manage your own ad account. During our Monday weekly group launch call you will be able to review, make some tweaks with your consultant, and go LIVE together.

If you take the time to set this up on your own you will be 10 steps ahead when the time comes to launch your ad with us on our group call.

Plus YOU will know exactly where things are located, how we prefer to set them up, and how to launch other ads down the road.

* Ad Spend Note:

We recommend spending as much as you are comfortable with but with a minimum of $40-50  per day ad spend. Spending around $50/day will give you enough data fairly quickly to determine your baseline cost per lead and what the next steps are OR aren't. Sometimes it works great right out of the gate and you can let it run for quite some time.