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Brian Greco

Hi! I'm Brian and I'm passionate about closing deals through empowered, clear conversations that inspire people to come to a decision to work with you. If you're an entrepreneur with a hot business or personal growth offer in the $3-10K range, and you're looking to have someone dive into what you are all about and know how to enroll customers who come on with the right expectations, I'd love to create a win-win for all. I'm 24, hungry to earn, NYU educated, work abroad remotely - I sell during normal morning hours EST or PST, and can ensure that clients come with payment rendered / contract signed. I use ~30-minute simple phone conversations to take your qualified leads through a process to become your new customer. I've trained with some key names in the internet marketing world and seen inside many businesses - and I'd love to help yours grow!

Ph/WhatsApp: (480) 788-5783
Email: briangrecoglobal@gmail.com

Matthew Meiser

Former small business owner turned High Ticket Sales Professional. 4 Years experience on High ticket offers for multiple industries including the gym space, Amazon, Agency, and coaching academies. Biggest sales accomplishment was closing 50 Million in high ticket contracts from 2017-2018 with a well known gym company. But I pride myself more on just being able to talk with people and have their best Interest at heart.

Ph: (765) 278-2661
Email: highticketcloser81@gmail.com

Trevor Brearty

I’m a Mama's only boy from Washington State. I started my first business in the 5th grade, I love everything about people and human behavior. Since my bio father never found the time to teach me about manhood, I turned to my grandfather who instilled old school wisdom and principles in my subconscious.

I joined the Marine Corps on 9/11 2002 because I woke up on 9/11 2001 to very good people falling from the WTC and it filled me with rage and curiosity for the truth behind why people would create such disgusting chaos.

This curiosity landed me deep in the Iraq war. I joke with my clients from time to time about being the only Marine that swam laps with a Shiite princess in The Republican Palace swimming pool after we seized Saddam Hussein.

My unique mix of experience has given me the ability to see things differently, ( what some call a visionary or savant ) but I don’t get off on labels, so I would just call it being very interested in finding solutions to life most challenging problems.

For the last 7 yrs, I have been building companies and helping micro-businesses understand the marketing principles needed to separate themselves from the noise within their industry.

Over time I realized that everyone sounds the same, so instead of trying to "follow" standards in the marketplace, I look for patterns and opportunities that work well in oddball industries, and interweave these findings within your industry, which creates fresh processes that shift your mindset from great to preeminent in turn creating an amazing experience for your prospects and clients.

I currently run 1-1 coaching for my enterprise/corporate clients and a very tight group program called " The Client Multiplier System ® " (strategically created around the Profit Multiplier Principle) which was designed to help you, right now, immediately find elements and opportunities in your business to produce greater results from the same time, effort or expense.

So you will become a believer.

A believer in yourself, a believer in me and a believer in the fact that you have not even come close to realizing the fullest profit potential, success capability and wealth creation your business has to offer.

At such a time that you do make that realization, we or I am here to take you as high as broad and as rich as you would like.

Again if you need more reassurance then go ahead and follow my profile so you can pick up some gratis value to apply immediately within your genius and if you believe a phone call would be in good order, you can schedule a private, one on one call.

Ph: (360) 358-2302
Email: treleebre@gmail.com

Randall Grizzle

Randall Grizzle has closed tens of millions of dollars for some of the worlds top marketers. Author of the book Closer Secrets. He knows how to create the high ticket sales process and customer tailor it for the clients offer.

Randall works with a small team to get big numbers.  His dedicated sales professionals will be able to level up your sales no matter what niche you are in.  He has a team of grateful closers that close high ticket sales that close sales for some of the top marketers in the world, and people who have amazing products that are looking to grow their company.

Fb: facebook.com/randallgrizzle
Email: closersecrets01@gmail.com

David Traub

High Ticket Closer since 1995.

I’ve been selling since High School and in 1995 closing $20k-$250k training contracts became commonplace for me, with my largest deal ($1.27Million) closing in 1998. My style is very straightforward with prospects. I don’t pull punches, but I also don’t employ manipulative techniques. I simply have a engaging conversation with them about their challenges and help them make their own decision.

Ph: (708) 316-7530
Email: david@sellbrilliantly.com

Angelo Kwek

I close prospects over the phone for coaches, consultants, digital marketing services, and influencers who sell high ticket products or services.

Ph: (510) 359-9902
Email: angelokwek@gmail.com