Done-For-You Funnel Overview & Pricing

MFA will complete the following services for client:

Client Sales Pitch Video Creation Process

  • We prefer to use either one sales video or a webinar style to persuade your leads to book a call with you.
  • We will coach you on the topic and outline of your main video, give examples, review, etc. until we are happy with the outcome.
  • Best practices to actually record the video with either your phone, GoPro, or DSLR Camera.
  • We will give you critiques, feedback, and suggested edits (if any) so that you have a solid video to run traffic to.
  • Slide deck template for those clients who don’t want to be on camera (typically this style doesn’t convert as high as the more personalized video). BUT, if you want to run with a slide deck/voice over to start we will give you the best shot possible... IF it doesn’t convert we will move you over to video funnel format and relaunch campaign.
  • You simply need to follow our instruction and guidance, record your sales video (2-5 minutes long) and hand off to us. We will do the rest.

Your Offer, Program, or Service Outline

  • We will help guide you on creating your sales offer, deliverables, and pricing structure.
  • This includes best practices for creating value in your offer so that you can take your expertise and bundle it up into a desirable program or service for your target clientele.
  • We will also guide you on software options to host your program or training and how to setup this software up. We will typically make a template for one module/lesson so that you can go into it and duplicate it for each of the next training session.
  • Based on what you are selling, your audience, and deliverables we will help guide you on different pricing structures that will most seamlessly match expectations of your sales leads.

Done-For-You Funnel Build Out

  • Custom, unique, witty, long copy Facebook ad (like ours) with image creative (and video ad). We will teach you how to properly use this ad on Facebook but you can also use this creative on any and all advertising platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, FB groups, an email, give to referral partners, and more.
  • Funnel pages build out done for you (look & feel, copy, and creative included. Integration with auto-responder done for you too). Landing page, video page, calendar page, successful booking page, if you have testimonials we will add those as well, if you have case studies we will add those and show you some examples so that you can make them to help you with “proof”.
  • Calendar software setup and booking page.
  • Includes integrating with your personal calendar (outlook, google calendar, iCal, etc.)
  • Best practices for time availability, time slots, reminder emails, reminder sms, round robins (for sales teams), integrated and embedded on your own site for seamless booking).
  • Booking reminder, cancellation, reschedule, and user notification emails all done for you.
  • Calendar thank you confirmation page integration.
  • Integration between forms, crm, auto-responders, tagging, lists, etc.
  • Five unique, witty, and effective follow-up emails, to make them want to do business with you, respect your time, and only reach out if they're qualified and ready to move forward. Each email pushes them back to book a call with you.
  • We will also include 5 more general long-term nurture emails you can tweak and make your own built into the funnel for a total of 10 emails that all drive leads back to booking.
  • You will be responsible for landing page software, auto-responder, and calendar tools. (We will advise on our preferred tools.)

Facebook Campaign Launch

  • We will integrate your Facebook pixel.
  • We will setup and show you your custom audiences for inclusion and exclusion audience targetings, look-alikes, and retargeting.
  • We will set up and show you your custom optimization events so your ads optimize and track results properly in Facebook reporting.
  • You will learn all of our daily best practices for managing and optimizing your ad campaigns, ad sets (targeting), and ad creative.
  • A world-class Facebook ad, like the one that brought you here, will be created for you from our own in-house pro-copy writer.
    • This will include all long body copy, headline, sub-headline, link to custom themed landing page and domain name URL, image/video to use in your ads.
    • Ad copy will be in-line with landing page copy and image/ video so it is a seamless setup and “Go Live” process when we LAUNCH this thing.

Ongoing Support

  • You will continue to be able to access our team, daily, via our live group coaching calls for 8 weeks from when your project is delivered and live.
  • Access all past coaching sessions with team.
  • We will use these daily calls to help you optimize, tweak, and refine your entire process. This includes: Your Facebook ads, lead conversion, lead to call conversion, sales pitch coaching, closing deals, enrollments, hiring/firing staff, introducing you with a proven sales rep looking for work. (we can intro you but that is not a guarantee they will work with you or that you choose to work with them)
  • You will get access to our tracking spreadsheets so you have a visual on what is happening with your new funnel. Spreadsheets include: Daily Business Tracker, Sales Commission Tracker, P&L Tracker, Monthly Pulse Tracker. YOU are responsible for keeping these trackers up to date as we will want to quickly get this data from you when we are helping to optimize.
  • Utilize those 8 weeks to the fullest by actively engaging with our team on our coaching calls.
  • After the 8 weeks you can request a quote for ongoing Facebook ads service. This service is treated as a new contract and agreement.

What happens after you pay?

  • You will get a virtual hug from Steve.
  • You will get a welcome email with logins to our training and support portal with 1 video to watch.
  • You will get another email from our expert who you'll be working with that will get you access to our project management tool that will remain open only until your project goes live. After you are live you will be required to use our daily support calls.
  • If you can't make the calls you can submit your questions via a form and we will answer them first on the live calls, record them, so you can watch at your convenience.

Simple Pricing

  • We charge a one-time fee of $7,500 for our DFY Funnel Service that includes everything listed above.
  • Please contact our team with question or to get started: