Done-For-You Downline Deliverables
PHASE 1 - Your Intake Process
Here's what happens after you make the initial payment today.
  •  As soon as you make your initial payment today and get started your sales rep will get you on-boarded ASAP.
  •  This will start by our system creating you a unique username & password with permissions to join our client only training and coaching portal behind the scenes of our main site.
  •  You will then get TWO emails: First one will contain private access with the subject line being, "These keys...". The second email will have a subject line called, "Bring it in."
  •  The "Bring it in" email will ask you to do THREE simple things to kick things off. First is to watch the quick welcome video from Steve, second is to fill out the New Client Intake Form with your details, and third is to book a 15 minute Welcome Call with your project manager to kick things off together.
  •  During your Welcome Call you will be instructed to get your Fan page and Facebook Ads access together and to provide us with your Facebook Pixel (don't worry... you don't need to know what it is - we got you.)
  •  At the end of your initial Welcome Call, you'll schedule your Funnel Delivery Call. This will be about 45 minutes to an hour long 1-1 walk through of your funnel, your ads setup, and by the end... you will be LIVE.
PHASE 2 - Pro-Level Content Creation
Facebook Ad Copy, Email Nurture System, and Content Sales Video
  •  We put together pro-level persuasive long copy Facebook ad. (same silky smooth ad that caught your eye)
  •  We snag the perfect image for your ad, formatted properly, themed to the copy and also placed to match on the landing page.
  •  We create your headline copy, sub-headline copy, call-to-action, and make you a unique URL branded just for you. 
  •  We will create custom emails with your from address, from name, phone number, and compelling message that goes out to your opt-ins (email only) to get them excited to speak with you.
  •  These leads are the ones that only fill out the first landing page form with their email only.
  •  These leads will get a daily professionally written email that drives back to the video sales letter to get them excited with the goal of getting them to request a call back.
  •  These daily emails will go out for 14 days, 1 email per day, or until they request a call.
  •  You will get notified on every email lead.
  •  You will get a separate notification of every call-back-request. (these are the leads YOU work to close down that have raised their hand to speak with you about your opportunity).
  •  When leads request a call back from you they will get another email confirmation encouraging them to show up for the sales call. It will stress urgency to them so help increase their excitement.
  •  This is the final "net" to catch those qualified people that have not yet taken action.
  •  Don't let non-action takers fade off!! Just because they didn't request a call or take action immediately doesn't mean they are not interested in speaking to you about making money and starting their own business.
  •  We provide a proven long copy sales video ready to go for use immediately in the funnel so you don't have to record your own video just yet. (You can do your own but it's going to be tough to make it better than ours.)
PHASE 3 - Front-End Marketing Setup
  •  We will hosting all your pages on our platform so you have no out of pocket software expenses.
  •  We will build your themed out landing page.
  •  Integrate this landing page capture form with our back end system for email followup.
  •  We will build your a sleek video sales letter page to host our high end sale video player.
  •  We will build your call back request page where the funnel drives the hot prospects to give their name, email, phone, and tell why they are excited to speak with you.
  •  This call-back-request form then removes the contact record from the on going followup funnel and sends YOU (this is YOUR lead... not shared, borrowed, or scraped) their info so you can text and call them back.
  •  We will build a custom thank you page that will have your name and phone number with a message to be expecting your call any time.
  •  All of the pages are build mobile friends, clean styling, and look PRO level to make sure your leads are throughly impressed.
Going LIVE!
Done-With-You Facebook ad setup will include things such as the following:
  •  We get you up and running in less than 2 weeks time!
  •  Pixel setup and installation.
  •  Custom Facebook conversion tracking setup to include lead tracking and calendar booking tracking.
  •  Conversion percentages and cost will be easily accessible straight from your Facebook account.
  •  Campaign setup and build out.
  •  Ad-set and targeting strategy done-for-you and setup up.
  •  Budget and spend optimization.
  •  Ad creatives such as headline, sub-headline, image creative, theme, flow, pretty links, custom domain to match theme, etc. will all be done for you.
After your funnel tech completes your DFY Downline lead generation system setup you will launch the funnel live over a scheduled one-on-one screen share call together. 

At the end of that delivery call the project will be deemed complete. We will then support you via weekly open office calls and our top tier A+ ticketing support team.
We support you in 3 main ways after you are live and running. You MUST use these portals. Our team is in-house and we are real people who have lots of funnels to build, clients to help, and things to do. We ask that you respect our time and use the proper channels to get support and coaching.
1) Weekly Open Office Hours Coaching
  •  Twice per week we have live calls with our team members that you can join on in a group setting to ask, listen, and learn.
  •  One of the two calls per week will focus on all things Facebook ads. This included targeting, numbers, copy edits, qualifying, screening, etc.
  •  Second call per week is with Steve in an open office format where you can ask him everything. Try to keep your ad questions in the other call but you can feel free to ask Steve ANYTHING on this call each week.
  •  Plus HUNDREDS of hours of past recorded live group coaching calls you can watch.
    2) Daily Access To Our Support Team
    •  Submit tickets during open business hours Monday through Friday and get quick responses back from our highest level experts.
    •  Our team that runs the top level support has a combined 25 years of experience running ads, tweaking funnel, sales closing experience, and has answered or solved just about every problem you could run into.
    •  You will never get stuck or left out to dry with access to our team in this capacity. 
    2) Private - Client Only - Facebook Group
    •  Connect with like minded experts who are going through the same process as you.
    •  Engage and learn from others efforts and processes.
    •  Ask questions and get answers from the group.
    •  Stay engaged with our team, join live training feeds, or just lurk like a creeper and soak it all in.
    3) EMPIRE Workshop Event
    Join our pro team for a live, very hands on, full day funnel optimization workshop in sunny Arizona. 
    Work with the Marketing Funnel Academy team and get DEEP into your funnel, Facebook ads, and sales processes! 

    Dates available in client portal immediately upon signup.
    Workshop Agenda
    Agenda topics may change or vary over time.
    •  9 AM - 10 AM | Introductions and Meet & Greet
    •  10 AM - 12 PM | Facebook Ads Open Forum
    •  12 PM - 1PM | Catered Lunch
    •  1 PM - 2 PM | Data and Tracking Training (Know your #'s)
    •  2 PM - 3 PM Messenger BOT Training (Bot Guest Expert)
    •  3 PM - 3:30 PM | Break
    •  3:30 PM - 4:30 PM | Sales Coaching (Meet MFA Sales Team)
    •  4:30 PM - Whenever ya'll leave 😉- Open Q & A 
    Bonus #1
    The $285,000 Per Month Ad
    After you invest in this done-for-you downline service, the first thing you’ll wanna do is rip open this case study and devour it like a Happy Meal.

    Why? Well, you’ll see how the same thing we’re building for you… took us from $15k/mo to $300k/mo in just nine months!

    And that’ll build bulletproof belief in YOUR mind: “Holy hell, I made the right choice - and I can’t wait to get MY marketing funnel live!”
    Bonus #2
    Six-Figure Sales Script
    Since your only task in all of this is to simply sign people up… it’s critical you know how to handle objections… and close down big dollar deals… in just one call.

    Well, now you can - thanks to this silky-smooth six-figure sales script.

    Just follow it word-for-word, and watch, as you begin enrolling new teammates all-in - even if you’re normally a sweaty, stuttering, hot mess any time you ask for money.

    Not anymore. With this, you’ll feel more like Jordan Belfort from Wolf of Wall Street. Only, you’ll be selling something life-changing.  
    Bonus #3
    Top Earner Tracking Sheets
    Make your success a mathematical certainty.  How?  Use these three spreadsheets - each with built-in formulas that automatically calculate vital numbers - to know where you’re at at all times, right down to the day and dollar.

    Sheet #1: “Monthly Net Profit (P&L)”

    This’ll show you how much you’re making, spending, and pocketing each month.  All good things to know.  (Wink.)

    Sheet #2: “Daily Pulse”

    Here, you can track ad spend, email leads, cost per lead, applications, cost per application, total revenue, and how much it costs you to sponsor one new person.  And when you know all of that?  It’s easy to make money moves.  Like, if you’re putting a dollar in… and getting four back?  Cool, spend more.  

    Sheet #3: “Sales Commissions”

    You may not need this - especially with bonus #2 - but it’s here if you do.  Say you wanna hire a sales rep to sign people up.  And you’ll pay them 10% of collected money.  As you do more and more volume, this can get real messy real fast.  Not a problem, thanks to this - the exact custom tracker we created, internally, to manage our rapidly-growing sales staff.
    Bonus #4
    Marketing Funnel Academy Partner Program
    Get paid $500 whenever someone in your downline signs up with us.  And why not refer as many as you can?  I mean… their pass-ups are only gonna make you more money anyways.

    Amiright?  (Umm, is Big Foot’s butt hairy?  Of course I’m right.)

    Picture this:

    Even one a week means an extra $2,000 per month - and that’s on top of what you’re earning with your company.

    Dude!  That’s a mortgage payment on a really nice house!

    Total no-brainer.  An easy way to add yet another source of income - that requires zero additional effort on your part.

    What’s more:

    You’ll be part of an exclusive club - since no one who isn’t a client of ours can promote our epic done-for-you service… even though many ask!

    We’re known for pampering our high-producing partners with unexpected gifts, too: MacBook Pros, flat-screen TVs, weekend getaways, you name it.  

    How awesome is that?
    Bonus #5
    Upgraded, Extended Support
    Normally, you get 30 days of email support after we get you up and running.

    But, for fast-movers, we decided to spoil you rotten. We know this is a big decision, and we appreciate you putting your trust in us.

    Therefore, when you book a call and buy before these bonuses expire, we’ll add 11 months - making it a full year of support.

    It gets better though. Instead of being limited to just email, we’ll also include:

     • Live chat support
     • Top tier ticketing system
     • Daily group coaching calls
     • Recordings of all past coaching calls

    (I know. Nucking futs, right? Like, who does that?)

    Now… with us just a click or call away, all day, every day, for an entire year? You’ll never feel stuck. Or confused. Or overwhelmed. Again!  

    And these daily coaching calls - on a scale of buffalo sauce - they’re Habanero, homie.  

    We’ll talk money, mindset, marketing, leadership, lifestyle, copywriting, conversions, sales, scaling up, and so much more. Plus, we’ll open up the lines so you can hear from others who’re crushing it with their funnel.

    Bottom line:

    No one cares more than us - and you’ll feel the love, firsthand, when you take advantage of this generous bonus.
    Bonus #6
    Copy Papi Crash Course
    What if you could write like us? And make millions with words? And what if it didn’t take you years of researching, reading, studying, reverse-engineering, implementing, editing, publishing, testing, tweaking, improving, rinsing and repeating… to do so?

    Sound farfetched? Maybe. But maybe not, thanks to this confidential copywriting report - written by my main copywriter.  

    In it, he spills his guts, revealing sentence secrets anyone can use to instantly improve their writing. Yes, even you. Even if you write like a third grader currently.  

    I’m serious. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to arouse your audience with word porn… then slowly seduce ‘em till they whip it out (their credit card, Sicko) and buy.

    Which begs the question:

    Who’s your daddy?
    Bonus #7
    Professional Pitch Video
    Usually, we ask you to film a short selfie-style video - like the one I did at the top of this page.

    Just to build trust with your new prospects, go over some of the advantages of working with you, then tell ‘em to apply… if they’re a good fit.

    Not surprising, most people’d rather jump out of a moving minivan than be on video.

    They get anxious. They start overthinking it. What kind of camera do I need? Mic? Lighting? What do I wear? What do I say? How long should it be?  

    As a result, they put it off altogether.  

    Or nitpick every take. (OMG, I said “umm” 15 times in three minutes?! That ain’t gonna work! Better redo it.)

    It’s a serious pain point.

    And, I’m the same way. I hate doing videos. So I get it.

    And I thought we’d do somethin’ super cool to take this off your plate:

    We’ll create, produce, edit, and upload a professional pitch video.

    Trust me, it’ll be all that and a side of skinny fries.

    And you don’t have to go through the agony of doing it yourself.

    And, no offense, but it’ll probably convert better anyways.

    Plus, this’ll knock days, even weeks off the buildout process - since we’ll no longer be waiting on YOU.

    Tell ya what:

    Go watch your favorite show on Netflix; and let us handle this for you. Deal?
    Bonus #8
    Free Software, Tools
    Our downline-duplicating engine requires:

     • Domain ($15/year)
     • Privacy protection ($15/year)
     • Hosting ($7/mo)
     • Landing page builder ($97/mo)
     • Email service ($29/mo)
     • Calendar software ($29/mo)

    Do the math: that’s $164.50 per month!

    And yes, you’d need to pay that every single month… for as long as you’re in business!

    NOT with this bonus, you don’t.

    Uncle Steve’s gonna pick up the tab.

    Saving you… $1,974 per year!

    $9,870… over five years!

    And who's to say you can't let it feed you leads for the next 10?

    We'll host it for as long as you're in business! 


    You won’t need to log in and learn the ins and outs of each of these tools yourself.

    Or troubleshoot if something goes down.


    We’ll handle it all, internally.

    So you can put down the tech… and pick up the check!

    Sweeter than stolen honey, huh?

    But I know what you’re thinking:

    “That makes no sense. Wouldn’t you be losing money if tons of network marketers took you up on this?”

    Good question.

    The answer’s no.

    And I’ll tell you why…

    Two reasons:

    1, as an early investor in two of these giant companies, I was able to secure free lifetime “master accounts.”

    2, on the others, I negotiated steep discounts by buying in bulk.

    So that’s how I’m able to offer you this entire software suite, free of charge.

    Make sense? Good.

    But even still, it’s gonna cut into my profit over time - another big reason these bonuses are going away shortly.

    So, I can’t say this enough times on this page:

    Even the slightest delay in booking a call could result in tens of thousands of dollars in unclaimed advantages!

    If the other Big Ass Bonuses didn’t do it, this one should get you on our calendar faster than a sneeze through a screen door.
    Get 90 days of copy-paste-profit content!

    Simply post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter - and look like a business boss!

    Gain followers, soak up FREE leads, send 'em through the hands-free marketing machine we make you... and sign up even more people without spending more on paid ads!

    Written by my multimillionaire copywriter - let him type YOUR WAY to top earner! This, alone, is worth our fee... and it won't last much longer!

    Want to read an example post?

    That's what I thought: Here you go