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Proven 8 Week Roadmap

Available to Core, Pro, and Premium members.

Our 8 Week Roadmap is your proven guide to walk you through the whole academy in a structured way. I hold you accountable to take the action to see results with out the overwhelm of loading you up with too much info at once.

We do give you full access to all the training resources but the 8 Week Roadmap will keep you on track, provide weekly completion tasks, and push you to get done what needs to get done to get quick results in your business.

Core Training Academy (9 Modules)

Available to Core, Pro, and Premium members. [$4,999 Value]

  • 1

    Foundation & Planning

    Let's set your foundation for learning and plan out your marketing funnel attack!

  • 2

    Optimize/ Setup Your Website

    Optimize your current site or walk through how to build a totally new site.

  • 3

    Traffic Getting Strategies

    Optimize your site for search engines and track via analytic reports.

  • 4

    List Building and Lead Gen

    The money is in the list... How to successfully turn eyeballs into emails.

  • 5

    Nurture and Build Value

    You must position yourself as the expert and build trust before you ask for money.

  • 6

    Convert Browsers To Buyers

    Turn browsers into buyers with a laser focused sales strategy.

  • 7

    WOW Your New Customers

    Fulfill on time, then provide additional value that delight customers.

  • 8

    Automated Referrals

    Encourage referrals from your satisfied customers on auto-pilot.

  • 9

    Marketing Funnel Review

    It's time to take action! Let's recap the course and break it down a little bit more in to one final and complete funnel.

Each of our 9 training modules contain step-by-step training to achieve setup success in each of the marketing disciplines. All of these 9 areas are vital to creating your online foundation to build from going forward. This is the 'technical training' of the Academy which must come before the 'strategical training' later on.

Our Automated Funnel Training (6+ Courses)

Available to Core, Pro, and Premium members. [$2,999 Value]

  • 1

    2 Step Lead Capture Funnel

    Ask for the minimum amount to create the least resistance then get more on the second step.

  • 2

    Automated Appointment Setting Funnel

    Learn how to automate your appointment setting, followup, and appointment reminders to save precious time and get more potential clients on the phone.

  • 3

    Video Series Lead Gen and Delivery Funnel

    Instead of using an ebook as your lead magnet... Use some free video training. This is how you set it up.

  • 4

    Evergreen Webinar Sales Funnel

    Create your own perpetual webinar. Create a webinar recording just once and setup it up to appear to be LIVE for registrants.

  • 5

    LIVE Weekly Webinar Funnel

    Here I show you how to automate a Weekly Live Webinar Funnel in your business using two pieces of software.

  • 6

    A Secret Look Inside MF Academy's Internal Funnels

    We love to be transparent. You went through our sales funnel so who better to show than YOU the behind the scenes inner workings...

  • 7

    More Funnels Added All The Time...

    We are always creating new funnel trainings and put them up for our members to view. We will let you know when ever there is a new training module or funnel available.

We have created specific training courses to show you step-by-step how to map out and implement specific marketing and business automation funnels. We create new marketing funnels in our business and our client's businesses all the time and share this knowledge with our paid academy members only. Just one of these funnels when setup in your business could yield results in ROI, Time Savings and Profits like you never thought possible.

Driving Traffic Course (5 Modules plus Bonus Training)

Available to Core, Pro, and Premium members. [$1,999 Value]

This is the final step once you have completed your implementation. We walk you through setting up your own Facebook ads campaign so you can learn how to "turn on the customer faucet". Think about this scenario... After you have your funnel built and running, wouldn't it be nice to go on a 2 week vacation? But who is going to handle your new lead followup?? We teach you how to turn on/off the faucet using Facebook ads.

Now is the time to tap in and we are the team behind it that can show you EXACTLY how to do it using Facebook ads to drive traffic to your new marketing funnel.

Lifetime Access to Monthly Bi-Weekly Webinars

Only available to Pro and Premium members. [$297/mo X 12mo = $3,564 Yearly Value]

Our live, members only, monthly coaching webinars are here to help you see what other members are doing right and what they can being doing to improve. We review and cover REAL members websites, landing pages, email copy, sales pages, marketing funnels, sales videos, JV product launches, affiliate marketing setups, eCommerce setups, and much, much, much more!

Library of Recorded Coaching Webinars

Only available to Pro and Premium members. [$1,997 Value]

Get access to our vast library of our monthly coaching calls. Each recorded video is titles and described in specific details to what the video content covers. Find a topic of interest and learn from past converage of the exact topic you are looking for!

Marketing Mini Course & Resources

Only available to Pro and Premium members. [$499 Value]

There are a TON of online tools, softwares, and programs that out that claim to help you with your business, your marketing, your processes, and that are suppose to save time and money… Well.. We give you our preferred list of suggested tools so you can save time from wasted trial and error. We also give you access to our Mini Course library of video training.

Unlimited Email Support and LIVE Chat

Only available to Pro and Premium members. [$197/mo X 12mo = $2,364 Yearly Value]

Get immediate daily access to our team when you have technical questions, comments, or need advise on your marketing funnels or business processes. This is one of the most valuable service to as  you have an expert consultant to get you through parts of the trainings when you get stuck. We will work with you until you succeed.

Private Facebook Group

Only available to Pro and Premium members. [$200/mo X 12mo = $2,400 Yearly Value]

The Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and get answers from other members, industry experts, and get feedback from our internal team of experts. When you need some inspiration, advice on marketing strategies, or just want to get feedback on marketing ideas, this is the place. There are YEARS of online marketing experience in the group. Be sure to answer other member questions too, network and build long term relationships with other business owners and academy members.

Lifetime Course Access and Updates

Available to Core, Pro, and Premium members.

Things change quite often in the internet marketing world... Software changes, techniques change, and strategies that once worked could eventually stop converting. We stay ahead of the game with our tried and true testing to ensure what we teach is current and works as it should. As long as you have access to the course you get lifetime updates to our changes.

Pre-Scheduled One on One Training

Available only to Premium members. [$1,000 Value]

Depending on what package you signup for today you will have a 2 pre-scheduled calls with our Founder(Steve) to review, strategize, and help build your business quickly and profitably. We’ve been in this business for over a decade so we KNOW how to help you grow online.

Done For You WordPress Website

Only available to Premium members. [$5,000 Value]

We are not just ‘preaching’ our experience at Marketing Funnel Academy. We actually DO IT! When you sign up as a Premium Member, you will also get done for you services by our internal team.

Here’s the Basic Outline..

Our internal team will build you a brand new, shiny, WordPress website! Our websites are built and designed to showcase you as an expert in your niche. Beautiful AND functional are what we strive for. Our training academy teaches you all the extra steps you can take to turn your new website into a profit machine.

The site we are building for you will be your new platform for business. You will be able to integrate all of our suggested marketing plug ins into your new site to make it a lead generating machine. Landing pages, sales pages, SEO optimization, and more will all be ready to go when we make your new site LIVE!

As soon as you become a Premium Client you will get access to our FULL training academy and sent a questionnaire so we can gather all the necessary info to get going on your new site built! Let's do this!!

Completely Done For You Marketing Funnel

Available only to Premium members. [$5,000 Value]

Having a SOLID and functioning marketing funnel is essential to any business that wants to achieve real messurable results in their marketing efforts. We build this complete funnel out for you.

What does this look like?

We build everything from your landing page, your lead magnet offer, your sales page or consultation page, 30 day email followup campaign, web forms, graphics, strategic implementation, and we even setup and create your first Facebook Ads Campaign so you can start getting leads the day we go live!

I challenge you! When you commit to our training academy
you WILL achieve results using our proven 8 Week Roadmap.

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Gina Axelson

I've been working with MF Academy for my online business needs. I know they aim to be the marketing funnel training that you can't live without and let me tell you - it is true! Thanks Steve!

Gina Axelson,