Create Your Own HIGH Producing
Facebook Ads Campaign
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This course can turn around your business if:

  • You’re willing to take a full day to go through the course and implement every single step.
  • You have $12/day to spend that will completely transform you lead generation.
  • You are open to learning that you have been doing Facebook ads all wrong.

If you want to hire an expert to break it down for you step-by-step, give you all the resources you need, this training course is for you.

There Is A Reason Some Of The Top Internet Marketers Use Facebook Advertising In Their Sales Funnels...

... Because IT WORKS!

When setup properly 😉

Facebook is the best lead gen tool in the world...
...but almost every marketer is using it all wrong

We’ve helped thousands of businesses stop scrambling for leads using our proven Facebook Ads System for online marketers, business owners, coaches, and consultants...

Get Lead Gen That Works For You Right Now!

Are you sick of wondering when your next lead will come in? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, and you’re wondering how you’re going to find excited, sign-me-up-now people? Do you want a hell of a lot more people to sell to?

Let MF Academy teach you to use Facebook as a never-ending source of cheap, excited leads:

Facebook ads are tricky, and without our step-by-step guide, you’re likely to fall for their traps and put out ads that don’t target the right people.

Your ads need to have pictures, words, be the right type in the right position and target the right people with the right budget structure. There are a lot of ways to go wrong on your own, but not with our proven blueprint.

You’ll need to make a commitment to learning these skills and following every single step. If you half-a** it, you’ll get half-a**ed results.

Will Facebook ads work for my business?

If you’ve used Facebook ads in the past, I can almost guarantee it felt like you were throwing money away. But that’s because it’s a very complicated system – one that has incredible powers you can leverage, but they’re easy to mess up. We’ll show you how to make fantastic ads that will appeal to people ready to jump on your opportunity.

Most small businesses on Facebook DON’T KNOW what they’re doing.
Let us teach you the strategy big companies are making a fortune with.

Imagine sitting down in front of your computer and knowing exactly what to click on… exactly what to type. No stress, no doubt, no wondering if you’re doing it right.

Well, you’re a click away from that being a reality.

We’ve walked thousands of entrepreneurs through creating unbelievably effective facebook ads, and now we’re passing that knowledge on to you.

Find People Interested In YOU... on Auto Pilot!

Jumping in with trial-and-error methods on Facebook is frustrating. It’s not a good use of your time or money.

You’ve probably heard that social media – Facebook and Twitter – are the hot place to get leads, but you’ve never seen a single lead actually come from them.

That’s because it takes a special combination of steps to get them to work for you, and there’s no better tool in the world right now for business owners than Facebook ads.

Think About It: We Used Facebook Ads to Find YOU

costtoreachMF Academy's founders have been in digital marketing for over 10 years, but never before have we seen it cost 25 cents to reach 1,000 extremely targeted people. This opportunity is unheard of.

We keep our fingers in a dozen different types of advertising – online and offline – and Facebook ads have given us our best leads for the least money every single week for over a year. Facebook ads got a lot more functional about two years ago and we know how to make them work for other business owners.

Your entire lead gen strategy could be logging into Facebook ads once a week and just tweaking your ads for 10 minutes. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Facebook Ads Won’t Stay Cheap for Long

Here’s the catch: there are about 25 million small businesses on Facebook, and they’re mostly just throwing money away, doing Facebook Ads all wrong.

Facebook is keeping ads cheap right now to keep those foolish people spending money.

This is the time to ride those coattails, because with a proven strategy that works for marketers, you can cash out on their mistakes.


Facebook Ads Jumpstart Course

Here’s exactly what you’ll get today...

Module 1

The Business of Facebook Ads

You’ll learn the strengths and weaknesses of the program, to understand where most people go wrong. We take time to explain the strategy for your Facebook ads. There are a lot of great functions and important steps, but following a big picture plan that works for your business is just as important.

Module 2

Guide To Creating Your Ad(s)

Steps 1-4 to creating your ads are clearly labeled, with all options at each step explained. In our Extra Information boxes, we give in-depth perspective for some of the more confusing but very important steps.

Module 3

Targeting Your Audience

Picking the right audience is such a crucial part of ad creation, we lay out every single different way to customize and explain the pros and cons of each. Some of these options look too hard to figure out, but they’re actually the most important, and the best way to keep your budget low. We point out the steps that deserve a couple minutes of brainpower that save you a fortune.

Module 4

Pricing & Tweaking Your Ads

The best ad campaigns in the world will be a failure with the wrong pricing structure or without tweaking. We tell you how and when to check your ads for effectiveness and make changes. A regularly-managed campaign is a profitable campaign!


Proof Our Course Works

This training finally convinced me to give facebook ads a try, and I’ve been blown away! I didn’t know squat about what to do, but I got two new people in my downline who are really fun to work with. I was so sick of dealing with grouches and people who didn’t get it. Yoobly showed me how to find the people I’ve been trying to find for years… in a week!!!

C. Bell

I tried facebook ads last year and got some new people clicking ‘Like,’ but that was it. This course opened my eyes to all my mistakes. Facebook ads are the only consistent way I find good people to come on board. I can’t believe that in one day, I set something up that’s been bringing me great leads I close on literally every single day.

J. Baldwin

Time to read your mind. You’re probably thinking...

Can’t I find help for Facebook ads online?

+ There’s a ton of information about Facebook ads, but the platform is changing every day. Also, there are a lot of businesses that just want LIKES, or just want to give stuff away. This information is current as of August 2014, and it’s been designed specifically for network marketers to make money.

Is it worth spending money on?

+ How much did you make today on closes? How much did you make yesterday? One close pays for this course many, many times over. And you’re learning strategies that you can use for a long time. This isn’t paying someone to give you a salad, it’s teaching you how to plant a garden that takes care of itself.

I have a day job, I can’t give this program a whole day.

+ No worries, it’s a self-paced course. You just need to dedicate about 8 hours of your time to learning the information. You can do it in a single day, or break it up however you want.

I’m not great with technology. Can I figure Facebook ads out?

+ Yes, absolutely! If you’re super-tech savvy, you can figure out some of the steps yourself. But we’ve laid everything out, explaining every single button to click, and we’ve even been really honest and said that although some functions are helpful, they shouldn’t be used if you’re a novice with the computer.

30 Day No Questions Asked

Just like with everything we sell at Yoobly, we always offer a haggle-free return. And you know we’re good for it because we’ve been in business a long time, and we still have an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Stop scrounging around for cruddy leads.

Start connecting with excited people looking for you on Facebook today!

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I didn’t have anyone in my downline, despite months of constantly making phone calls and talking to everyone I knew. I was really considering quitting. Thanks to this course, I have seven people in my downline in this first month, and my ads for the entire month were covered by just one of them!

L. Silver