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You're about to learn the anatomy of a proven marketing funnel specifically designed to turn cold Facebook traffic into real people reaching out to request to work with you. The goal of this funnel is to get leads to engage and provide qualifying information so you can have a productive conversation to find out if they would be a good fit to work with.

Basically... If you want to convert traffic into a full calendar of ready to buy appointments and on total autopilot,  keep reading.

My goal here is to give you a "visual" on the exact funnel we have proven to work day in and day out!

Step #1: I target my ideal customer avatar on Facebook. This is one of my best converting ads.

Step number one is to create a high converting ad.

Step #2: Landing page that gets email leads. Here's the one that works with the ad above.

Step number 2 is to create a super targeted landing page and lead magnet.

Step #3: Along with a great eBook I add value by educating my leads with free training.

I then push to an application to work with me. For leads that do not take the application early on I have more free trainings like the examples below through out the marketing funnel. Each free training has a call to action to take them to the next step when they are ready.

Step number 3 is a picture of our marketing funnel case study and video series.

Step #4: Start automated email funnel to nurture, educate, and encourage them to reach out for a call.

A very small percentage will apply or book on your calendar on the first visit or two. You must build a relationship and this is a KEY ingredient to a successful marketing funnel. Here's one of mine.

This is a step of our marketin funnel campaign inside of Infusionsoft.

Step #5: I create 2-4 different entry points in order to create qualified lead consultations.

I personally use an application page, breakthrough session, and straight to calendar page to generate these really good leads that want to talk to me and are interested in learning more.

This is a picture of our lead application page in our marketing funnel.

Step #6: Create your email copy to ensure you have an effective & consistent followup funnel.

So you can get a visual of what's inside those 2 staggered sequences in the middle that have 2,154 and 1,180 people actively inside is an inside look at the email sequence and timing. These all tell stories, educate, and drive to one of the 3 goals in step #5 above.

Here is a look at the inside of one of our marketing funnel email sequences.

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