Anatomy Of My Highest Performing Marketing Funnel

Do you want an endless supply of pre-qualified phone consultations?

I’ve CRACKED The Code To The PERFECT Marketing Funnel!

Here is EXACTLY how it all works…

You’re about to learn the anatomy of a proven marketing funnel specifically designed to turn cold Facebook traffic into one on one consultations. We are super big on filtering your leads so you are not wasting time on the phone with people that aren’t quite qualified enough to talk to. Posturing your leads prior to talking to them is another important factor to ensure your calls lead to a sale.

Of course there are many more steps that I can’t go into in just one blog post but you will be able to use this break down to model your own funnel after.

Basically… If you want to convert traffic into a full calendar of ready to buy appointments and on total autopilot,  keep reading.

My goal here is to give you a “visual” on the exact funnel we have proven to work day in and day out!

Step #1
I target my ideal customer avatar on Facebook & this is one of my best converting ads

Facebook ads that convert into your marketing funnel

The screenshot above was taken in the early stages of this specific Facebook ads campaign and quickly grew into my highest performing ad. Make sure you use put a personal spin on your image. Don’t violate the 20% text rule on your ads image (you can’t have text cover more than 20% of the entire image). Here’s a link to check your images on Facebook.

Step #2
Landing page that gets email leads. Here’s the one that works with the ad above

Marketing Funnel Landing Pages

Create eye catching landing pages that offer something that is irresistible to your target audience. Only ask for First Name and Email to start. Trust in your completed funnel to convert those email leads into phone consultations, buyers, and more.

It all starts with capturing the email address. With out the email you wont have anyone to market too.

Don’t rush the offer… Make sure you educate and connect with your audience THEN ask for the next step in the process.

Step #3
Next step is to provide unrivaled value that will blow your competition out of the water

Marketing Funnel Application Screenshots

Creating solid free training will benefit you in ways you could not image when done right. When you provide quality information that people can use and get results with out having to pay you something you will gain true loyal followers. These people will become the lifeblood of your business!

Step #4
I create 2-4 different entry points in order to create qualified lead consultations

marketing funnel appointment setting funnels

The next step is to push to an application, consultation form, free demo, or calendar to your leads so they can reach out to work with you.

For leads that do not take the application early on I have more free training like the examples below through out the marketing funnel. Each free training has a call to action to take them to the next step when THEY are ready to take it.

Some people need a little more time than others. Some people will see the value in your branding quicker than others. So don’t be too pushy and use quality content and training to encourage trust in you. When you have done this correctly… The QUALIFIED leads will flow in.

Step #6
Start automated email funnels to nurture, educate, and encourage them to take action

marketing funnel email campaign sequences

A very small percentage will apply or book on your calendar on the first visit or two. You must build a relationship and this is a KEY ingredient to a successful marketing funnel. Here’s one of my internal sequences that I use so you can have a visual of how it all connects together.

A successful marketing funnel is only 30% “techie”.. you must have a solid product and message delivered to your leads and clients at all times.

If you want to learn more about how we can build a completely done-for-you funnel then start by clicking here.