Automated Webinar “Sticky” Rate

Running a live webinar or creating an automated webinar can be one of the best lead generation and sales tools you ever create for you business. BUT, you need people to stay on your webinar until you get into the final pitch or Call-To-Action at the end or your registrants will never see what you are offering.

Below I’m sharing the “sticky” rate of our main automated webinar funnel “How You Can Systematically Double Your Leads, Skyrocket Your Profits and Simplify Your Marketing With One Simple Funnel!”

There are some simple things you can do to increase your webinar sticky rate:

  • Promise (and deliver) a bonus to any one that stays until the end.
  • Give all attendees the slides after the webinar is over.
  • Promise a special gift to all attendees who stay.

You can use these gifts and promises through out the pre-webinar reminder emails too. It will help get people to actually show to the webinar, then re-iterate them on the webinar at the beginning so they remember they need to stay until the end to get them.

With an automated webinar this ENTIRE process will be automated from start to finish. I would love to show you one-on-one how this works in real life.. If you’re interested, of course 🙂 Here’s a link to schedule a Funnel Discover Session with me.

Talk to you soon,