Simple Automated Webinar Funnel Out Performs All Others

By writing this I am going against the exact concepts and funnels I have built out in the past for many many clients. BUT, I have to let this out for the new people that are doing research on creating their first automated webinar funnel…

I can’t STRESS the following sentence enough:


All you need is to find a problem that needs to be solved and solve it for them, quickly. Use the power of your webinar to get your solution to their problem in front of them efficiently. Webinar registrants that take the time to register, pick a time to attend, and take the time to sign on are the MOST attentive lead you can possible get in front of your marketing.

Here are the 3 key items to creating a successful automated webinar funnel:

1. Find a major problem your ideal client faces and solve it during your webinar.

2. Get the correct software to run everything. (Don’t skimp on this or the deal could be sabotaged by software errors — DEAL BREAKER).

3. Followup after the webinar is over. Don’t waste all the effort of paying and getting a webinar lead to just “forget” about them.

Literally, it is that simple. (Kinda..)

Below I am going to explain the software we use and the flow we create for our client’s automated webinar funnels.

Software we use for Automated Webinar Funnels:

The Automated Webinar Followup Formula

We have created crazy complex automated webinar funnels that looked AWESOME on paper, tested perfect, and had our expectations excited for the great results we were anticipating.

A large entangled funnel is bound to work better than a simple 3 or 4 step webinar funnel… Right??


This particular automated webinar sales funnel was built to sell a $97 training course at the end of it by sending the webinar attendees to a sales page, sending automated followup based on their attendance, and offering extra bonuses to non buyers.

Prior to the webinar we had created about 3 different reminder “touches” that sent email, SMS, and one voice broadcast reminder to get the attendees excited and to actually show up for the webinar time they chose.

We built email followup to go out to registrants who didn’t show up, who left prior to seeing the pitch, and who saw the sales pitch but did not buy.

3 Webinar Followup Segments

1. No Shows – we like to create a “re-invite” series that contains short emails inviting them to re-register for another showing. It is always better to get a lead to commit and show up to a webinar whether it’s automated or not versus just giving them a replay page to watch. (they won’t watch it or be engaged enough to take the call to action at the end)

2. Left Early – for these people who signed on but didn’t stay long enough to see the pitch or Call-to-Action at the end should be sent the replay page URL with a call-to-action to not miss the ending where you are giving a very special offer or what ever it is that you are pitching. We typically send about 2 emails back to replay page.

3. Completed but No Action – these are your hottest leads that attended the webinar. They came and stayed the entire time but didn’t take action just quite yet… We suggest you send these leads back to the sales page or consultation page (where ever your webinar sent them at the end. Create 2 emails that send them back.

Leads will start to take action during these email segments after the webinar has happened but there are going to be a high percentage that don’t take action but are still ready to buy, when THEY are ready to buy.

This final group should be routed into a “Final Push” email sequence to entice anyone that is right on the edge of taking action. You can use bonuses, payment plans, discount, free trials, etc. as your last downsell pitch to get any stragglers on board. Of course, everyone’s funnel and CTA’s are different, so use this write up as a guide of structure when you go to plan your own webinar funnel.

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My final word of advise is to make sure you have the proper tools in place that are SOLID and dependable. It would be terrible to use a sub-par software setup, spend a bunch of cash to fill your webinar, and then your emails off their timing, or merge fields don’t work, or your webinar freezes up… It’s better to invest a little bit extra to give yourself the best possible outcome for success.

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