Top 10 Reasons To Answer Our Call

1) You’ll save 50% if you do decide to buy.

2) And… we can break it up into two easy installments… if you need us to.

3) You’ll qualify for Big Ass Bonus #1: “The $285,000 Per Month Ad” - see how the same process we’ll be doing for you took us from $15k/mo to $300k/mo… in just 9 months!

4) You’ll qualify for Big Ass Bonus #2: “Six-Figure Sales Script” - close down big dollar deals in just one call… even if you’re normally a sweaty, stuttering, hot mess any time you ask for money.

5) You’ll qualify for Big Ass Bonus #3: “Top Earner Tracking Sheets” - make your success a mathematical certainty with these three must-use spreadsheets… with built-in formulas that auto-calculate critical numbers.

6) You’ll qualify for Big Ass Bonus #4: “Marketing Funnel Academy Partner Program” - get paid $500 for every downline member you refer us, plus qualify for generous gifts like MacBook Pros, flat-screen TVs, exotic vacations, and more!

7) You’ll qualify for Big Ass Bonus #5: “Upgraded, Extended Support” - a full year of handholding, live coaching calls, and recordings of past calls… so you can kiss confusion and overwhelm goodbye for good.

8) You’ll qualify for Big Ass Bonus #6: “Copy Papi Crash Course” - trade secrets from my multi-millionaire copywriters… to help you instantly improve your writing, arouse your audience with word porn, and seduce ‘em into buying!

9) You’ll qualify for Big Ass Bonus #7: “Professional Pitch Video” - we’ll create, produce, edit, and upload a video to pre-sell your opportunity… so you don’t have to deal with the stress of being on camera yourself.

10) You’ll qualify for Big Ass Bonus #8: “Free Software, Tools” - you’d normally need to pay $164.50 a month, every single month, to support this downline-duplicating machine… but not with this bonus - I’ll cover all of it for you… so you don’t pay a penny!

So What Happens If You Miss The Call?

Then all the above is off the table. You can try to rebook and purchase later, but you’ll pay double… and you will NOT get any of the Big Ass Bonuses, which, by themselves, are worth the price of admission.

Bottom line:

No-showing the call that YOU signed up for - on top of showing poor character and wasting our time - could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in unclaimed advantages!

So… do whatever it takes to answer and give this call your full attention.

We’re excited!


P.S. -- New for 2019: the next 30 clients will get 90 days of copy-paste-profit social media content too!