Done-For-You Downline Overview

MFA will complete the following services for client:

Done-For-You Lead Generation Build Out

  • We’ll get you your own domain so everything looks nice and neat.  You can send people here from any traffic source.
  • We’ll create four pages for you:
    • Landing Page
    • Video Sales Page
    • Request a Strategy Call Page
    • Strategy Call Requested Thank You Page
  • We’ll write 11 fun follow-up emails.  These will create excitement and remind leads to request a call from you.
  • We’ll create a professional pitch video.  It’ll pick up where the Facebook ad left off, and ask new prospects to request a call.
  • We’ll integrate your Facebook pixel for you on all URL landing pages - this is important so you can track your results.
  • You’ll be notified, by email, of each new email lead that you receive.  This happens instantly.   
  • You’ll also be notified, by email, of each new prospect that requests a call.  This, too, will happen instantly… so you can follow-up with them while they’re hot.

Facebook Ad Setup, Done-With-You

  • You’ll have a 1-on-1 phone call with an MFA team member - to walk you step-by-step through the process of launching your Facebook ad.  This is what powers your new done-for-you downline “machine.”  Our MFA team member will send you the files you need, and the two of you will discuss:
    • Setting up your Custom Conversions
      • Email lead conversion tracking
      • Strategy call conversion tracking
    • Facebook Ad Campaign Setup
    • Facebook Adset Creation
      • Conversion optimization
      • Targeting strategies
        • Who to show your ad to
      • Budget settings
    • The actual Facebook ad, written by our multimillionaire copywriter, which will include:
      • Headline
      • Subheadline
      • Body copy
      • Several calls to action
      • Catchy ad image
  • After the call, you’ll simply watch a few short click-after-me videos which show you how to launch your ad, thus “turning on the machine."

    • This is important so you understand how to manage and monitor your ad, going forward.
    • Should you have any troubles, remember, we’re here for you.

Live Weekly Coaching Access for 12 Months from date of project purchase

  • You will get immediate access to our Coaching and Training Academy.
  • Access to daily LIVE group coaching calls.
  • Access to all past recorded coaching sessions.
  • Access to live support chat during business hours.
  • Access to VIP support when you need more personalized help than can be offered during live calls.
  • Access to all Big Ass Bonuses.
  • Access to all future training modules and bonuses.

Big Ass Bonuses include the following:

  • “The $285,000 Per Month Ad” - see how the same process we’ll be doing for you took us from $15k/mo to $300k/mo… in just 9 months!
  • “Six-Figure Sales Script” - close down big dollar deals in just one call… even if you’re normally a sweaty, stuttering, hot mess any time you ask for money.
  • “Top Earner Tracking Sheets” - make your success a mathematical certainty with these three must-use spreadsheets… with built-in formulas that auto-calculate critical numbers.
  • “Marketing Funnel Academy Partner Program” - get paid $500 for every downline member you refer us, plus qualify for generous gifts like MacBook Pros, flat-screen TVs, exotic vacations, and more!
  • “Upgraded, Extended Support” - a full year of handholding, live coaching calls, and recordings of past calls… so you can kiss confusion and overwhelm goodbye for good.
  • “Copy Papi Crash Course” - trade secrets from my multi-millionaire copywriters… to help you instantly improve your writing, arouse your audience with word porn, and seduce ‘em into buying!
  • “Professional Pitch Video” - we’ll create, produce, edit, and upload a video to pre-sell your opportunity… so you don’t have to deal with the stress of being on camera yourself.
  • “Free Software, Tools” - you’d normally need to pay $164.50 a month, every single month, to support this downline-duplicating machine… but not with this bonus - I’ll cover all of it for you… so you don’t pay a penny!

*After this call, price doubles and Big Ass Bonuses expire.